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At the end of December 2016 I started playing around with multiplayer game development again. I just implement features without of any concept. Today I got a lot of features in my project and I think it would be waste to let it die on my harddisk with all those other unfinished projects I made in the last years. Last week I found itch.io and decided to release this project here with the background to form a Team and making a serious game project.

I think here are a lot of nice people who are interested in game making. Those one who have awesome ideas and talents.

Today the project includes the following features:

Realistic vegetation

There are trees that populate them self by throwing seeds. New grown trees are genetic different to its parents. They can be cut down with a chainsaw and deliver wood pieces that the player can collect. This could be used for buildings or energy generation.

(New) Login and account system

Since v0.2 there is a login and account management system. Players are now able to create a personal account with nickname and password.

Pickup and Inventory system

I implemented some pickups and an inventory system. This is actually in a very early state, but the basics are done. The players inventory is on server side. Later I will implement the possibility of exchanging Items to other players and combing things to new things (crafting).

Basic FPS-Shooter system

I have already a raycastgun with bullet holes, physical interaction on dynamic objects, some effects and sounds, ammo handling etc.

Vehicle system

There is one off-road car at this time that can be used players as driver or passenger. It is based on PhysX-Wheels and have some funny features like unique numberplates.

What could be your role in this project?

I have never made a complete game, so I don't now ;)

I think we need some:

- 3D & 2D artists

- Coders

- Level designer

- Concept maker

- Marketing guys

- Some one who takes care of the Community (Forum moderators, social media managers)

What kind of game should it be?

I am open for all and everything. My favorite kinds of games are tagged with "Open World", "Action" and "RPG". Games where the player is able to do what he wants. I don't like fantasy games with magic and so on.

What techniques are used?

The project is made with Unity 3d and Photon Unity Networking (PUN). It is a server cloud based masterclient controlled concept.

Will we earn money?

I think this is a target that every one want. But I think it is far away at the moment. It makes a lot of work to create a game for that some one is willing to pay. At this time there is no budget for paying you, but if we will earn something we will share it fair.

Are you interested?

Contact me:

via skype: Kerosini

via Email: tobias.rosini@hotmail.de

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run the Game. Create an account and have fun :)


Release client 0.2.zip 29 MB


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Wow, a few minutes ago the first guest "Kick" has joined my server :) Thank you for testing. I locate an smal problem during your visit, I try to solve that fast as possible. So here will come an update in a few hours again.

v0.2 is out now :)